Sad News in World AIDS Day

As the world commemorates World AIDS Day, several news indicate that all is not over in the battle against discrimination and denial of health care. A group of HIV-positive women in Chile has come forward to claim they were forcibly sterilized after giving birth, even if their children are not HIV-positive. A new report published by the Center for Reproductive Rights entitled “Dignity Denied: Violations of

Secrets for Symptom-Free Life with HIV Close to Discovering

Although there is still no vaccine for HIV, researchers have discovered new clues on why few people infected with HIV remain symptom-free. About one in 300 people infected with the virus have an immune system that suppresses the replication mechanism of HIV, thus carry low levels of the virus. A study recently published in the journal Science says that there could be specific genetic variations that enables this

Older HIV Patients Have More Health Problems

With better treatments that enable patients with HIV live longer comes with the consequence of taking a larger bite out of the health care system, a new report states. Apart from the virus, people suffering from HIV are also afflicted with a variety of other symptoms that also require health care. In a survey of about 1,000 HIV-positive New Yorkers ages 50 and older, it is found out that more than half of them ha

FDA Warns Against Pairing HIV Drugs

The American Food and Drug Administration has reiterated its warning against combining commonly-prescribed antiretroviral drugs Invirase and Norvir for HIV patients as it may cause life-threatening cardiac side effects has updated the label warnings for both drugs. The new labeling requirement was doen after the FDA warned last February that the drugs, when taken together, could affect electrical activity in the he

Adult Film Actor Tested Positive for HIV

An HIV/ AIDS organization is petitioning to all adult entertainment companies in Southern California to suspend production after an adult film actor was tested positive for HIV last week. Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, appeals that all filming should stop. “We’re quite concerned because while a number of companies have expressed they are going to shut down production, ther

Study Shows One in Four HIV Patients Have Neurological Problems

A recent Canadian research reveals that one in four people infected with HIV suffer from neurological complications. Those that do have such health problems harbor double the risk of dying compared to those who are not plagued with neurological diseases. Although HIV patients are able to live longer due to antiretroviral therapies, the study–which was published on the September 28 issue of Neurology–pr

Coconut Oil, an Alternative Treatment for HIV?

Although we have made much progress in developing treatment for HIV, it seems that research facilities the world over have overlooked the possibility of using natural ingredients to treat the dreaded disease. In Asia, for instance, coconut oil is promoted as a cheaper alternative method of treating HIV and the infections caused by it. Several success stories have been documented about HIV and AIDS patients whose

HIV May Hide in Brain

A group of Swedish researchers have found that the human brain could be a hiding place for HIV. This finding is revealed after analyzing about 70 HIV-infected patients who had been taking antiretroviral drugs, which shows that about 10 percent of the patients had traces of HIV in their spinal fluid but not in their blood. In another study made by the same researchers, it was found that 60 percent of 15 HIV-infect

Research Shows HIV in Semen Can Differ from HIV in Blood

A group of American scientists have found evidence that HIV-1 found in semen is different from the same virus found in blood, which they think is likely because of the changes the virus undergoes in the male genital tract. Professor Ronald Swanstrom of North Carolina University, who led the research team, said that they have found that the virus can grown in the seminal tract in two different ways. The study was

STD Among Teens on the Rise in Philippine City

Health officials in Lucena City in the main island of the Philippines have expressed alarm over the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed among teenagers. Dr. Vincent Martinez, the city’s assistant health officer, reported in a local radio station that 31 cases have been reported as of July 2010, most of whom are as young as 12 and 13 years of age. The number, he said, has surpassed the a