Syphilis: A Public Health Problem

Syphilis is considered to be one of the most horrible things that can happen to someone. Its symptoms include lesions, fever, sore throat, rashes which involve even the palms and soles and swollen lymph nodes. In the disease’s latter stages, the heart, skin, brain and bones may also be affected. If not for the presence of penicillin today, we would not be able to handle such a life-threatening disease.

Nowadays, syphilis is looked at as something unique only to those people who are promiscuous—sexual deviants, as some may call it. In today’s world, the victims are the ones who are to blame, especially when it comes to syphilis. However, the public should be confronted about the fact that there are also people who are seriously innocent and infected with this disease.

One Thomas Parran, sought to be able to shed some much needed light on this controversy that good and innocent people are not affected by syphilis. As a matter of fact, there are more victims right now who are becoming infected through non-sexual means. These people are the educated, the respectable and the white people.

The scope and magnitude of the dilemma is that people who are not sexually active are also prime targets. That will also mean that any other person is as likely to get infected by this disease. There are no more boundary lines which separate the sexual deviants from those who are faithful and monogamously involved with someone.

Parran noted that among those who are infected, the people who are also infected are innocent children, respectable physicians and heads of the industry. These are people who know their boundaries and may have never tested them but still they are infected. The public should be given enough information on how to deal with syphilis whether it is a consequence of sin or an unavoidable circumstance such as brushing against a person’s arm which has a lesion on it.

The fact of the matter is, nice people have syphilis. These people are in no way responsible in contracting a disease inasmuch as they are not responsible for not knowing that a certain cup from which they drank was soiled or if the nursemaid who attended to them was infected.

The instances wherein a person would be infected can be too varied to pinpoint or isolate. It would be possible to get infected by sharing a cigarette pipe. You could even be giving medical attention to a patient if you’re a nurse or dentist and then you may end up getting infected. Can one honestly say that those types of people deserve what they got just because they didn’t know?

People today should be talking about how to deal with Syphilis because it is the great American Disease. It mimics several forms of illnesses and it can be as easily contracted as the common cold. Whatever happens, people should be well aware of it and if not, something should be done to raise its awareness for the public’s safety.

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