STD Among Teens on the Rise in Philippine City

Health officials in Lucena City in the main island of the Philippines have expressed alarm over the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed among teenagers.

Dr. Vincent Martinez, the city’s assistant health officer, reported in a local radio station that 31 cases have been reported as of July 2010, most of whom are as young as 12 and 13 years of age. The number, he said, has surpassed the average number of STD diagnoses for the past five years.

What Martinez is more concerned about was the attitude of the patients. “When we asked the victims who were their sex partners, they just said they didn’t. (The gang did it just for fun, having sex with a common partner.) And for the victims, their STD is not a serious matter, just a joke,” Martinez said.

He also disclosed that most cases of HIV in their city involved “ordinary people” and not sex workers. He added that he could not provide the exact figures because he believes there are more unreported cases.

It has also been revealed that a number of young males in the city would hire prostitutes to serve as “mentors in the world of sex,” which some claim is “as easy as renting a computer unit for video games.” A group of boys would bring the sex worker either in a seedy hotel or in one of the guy’s houses to have sex with her. The prostitute is priced depending on “the number of partners” as well as “appearance and age.”

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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