Sex Infections Continue to Rise

A recent report suggests that the status of United Kingdom’s overall sexual health among its citizens is getting worse. According to Health Protection Agency, a total of 376,508 new sexually transmitted infections were diagnosed in 2006, an increase of 2.2% from 2005.

In that same year, there were 113,585 cases of chlamydia that are diagnosed at UK’s genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics on all age groups. This statistic was up almost 4% from the previous year.

Meanwhile, new cases of syphilis remained steady, with 3,702 cases in 2006 compared with 3.704 in 2005. However, cases of this disease has increase compare to previous decade.

The report also suggests that there are an estimated 73,000 adults now living with HIV in the UK. This includes both those who have been diagnosed and around one-third who remain unaware they have the HIV virus.

HPA’s Centre for Infections Director Pete Borriello said, "We need to change attitudes towards condom use… The best way to protect yourself from contracting an STI, including HIV, is by practicing safer sex by using a condom will all new and casual partners."

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