Britain Promiscuous Culture Creates More STD Cases

The Health Protection Agency of United Kingdom reported that the country’s "culture of promiscuity" has led to 397,000 new cases of sexually-transmitted diseases, the highest number according to its records. The report is based on statistics compiled among British young people.

According to the report, which was released on July 2, promiscuous sexual behavior has become "part of the territory" among the daily lives of the country’s youth. The HPA also found that half the cases of infection could be found among young ones between 16 to 24 years of age, even though this group made up only 12 percent of Britain’s population. This same age group also account for 65 percent of all chlamydia, 50 percent of genital warts, and 50 percent of gonorrhea infections diagnosed in STD clinics all over UK in 2007. In addition, the study has found that the rate of HIV infection among young, sexually active male homosexuals has almost doubled since 1998.

"Young people are disproportionately affected by STIs," said Dr. Gwenda Hughes of HPA. "This is because they are more sexually active, have more sexual partners, tend to have overlapping sexual relationships and are more likely to have casual sexual relationships."

The Family Planning Association, UK’s leading promoters of contraception, said the solution to the problem is to provide more sex education for children. Julie Bentley, chief executive of the FPA, said that "education, information, and accessible services and widespread STI testing are imperative in improving the sexual health of the population and especially the 16 to 24-year-old age group."

However, others said that this solution is the ultimate cause of the problem since it teaches young people that there is nothing wrong with promiscuous sex. Norman Wells of Family and Youth Concern said that "the answer does not lie in yet more sex education and contraceptive schemes," but rather in telling young people that "the only sure way to avoid being infected with an STI is to keep sexual intimacy within the context of a lifelong, mutually faithful relationship with an uninfected partner."

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