Suicide Rate Among HIV Patients Decreases

A study has revealed that suicide rates among HIV patients in Switzerland have decreased by more than half after highly active antiretroviral therapy was introduced in 1996.

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is a virus that causes AIDS.  Meanwhile, highly active antiretroviral therapy (otherwise known as HAART) has been associated with an increase among patients’ CD4 white blood cells, indicating an improvement on how their bodies battle the disease.

However, this same study stated that despite the positive development, the suicide rate among HIV patients remains higher when being viewed in a general population.  The research, led by Olivia Keiser from University of Bern, also finds that most people infected with HIV who opted to commit suicide had been diagnosed with a mental illness.

The study was published last December 15 on the online version of American Journal of Psychiatry.

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