Reducing Your Risk of HIV Infection

While scientific research may have advanced the treatment for people with HIV, the negative impact this disease could bring to your family, your career, and to yourself is undeniable.  If you are concerned about the risks of getting infected with HIV, here are some prevention tips from health experts in order to avoid being exposed to the virus.

Practice safe sex

Health experts actually recommend people to abstain from sex until marriage.  However, there are people who find sex an unavoidable situation.  Nevertheless, it is best not to participate in risky and unprotected sexual activity. 

Use a condom

When having sex, use a latex condom and water-based lubricants to prevent the condom from getting damaged.  Wearing condoms decreases the exposure from another person’s body fluids.

Limit the number of sexual partners

The more people you engage casual sex with, the higher the probability that you would get infected with HIV.  Remember that a person does not have to appear sick just to determine whether he or she has HIV or not.

Know your HIV status

Have yourself tested for HIV.  You also need to know the HIV status of potential sexual partners before having intercourse.  It also helps to find out if your potential sexual partner has had any sexually transmitted infections.  Studies have shown that people with a history of STI have an increased risk of contracting HIV.

Avoid having sexual relationships with HIV+ people

There is absolutely nothing wrong with creating friendly relationships with people who are infected with HIV.  However, when it comes to having sex with them, that is a completely different thing.

Avoid using injected drugs

Sharing needles with injected drugs is not recommended at all.  Blood is a more potent medium of transmitting HIV compared to sexual fluids, and a used needle has tiny droplets of blood remaining in it after use.

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