New Version of Female Condom Approved

female condomThe United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a second-generation female condom.  This would make this second version of the safe sex tool be sold in the country and distributed more widely around the world.  The condom is manufactured by Chicago-based Female Health Company.

The new version, called FC2 Female Condom, is made of synthetic rubber instead of polyurethane, which the first female condom was made.  This makes the newer condom less expensive and, according to the manufacturer, less "noisy" when being used.  The newer variety kept the design of the original female condom – a long lubricated sheath that is anchored at either end by a flexible ring.  The closed end of the sheath is positioned high in the vaginal canal when inserted.

Public health organizations hope that the latex version of the female condom would catch on, especially with its less expensive price.  The hefty price of polyurethane female condom and the noise it creates during intercourse turned many users off.  Another reason why the female condom is not as popular as the male version is that women feel there is no strong reason to try it on, and instead prefer the better known contraceptive options.  They would even depend on a man to use a condom for safe sex.

Meanwhile, the original version will remain available in the market until supplies last, while the FC2 will be available to women in the United States through local health agencies and groups like Planned Parenthood.  Although many health experts doubt that the FC2 would become a big seller in the country, they hope it could win over more users elsewhere especially where there are not affordable options for safe sex.

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