Magic Johnson Wins Over HIV

One of the most celebrated sports icons in history is no different from those people who suffer daily from AIDS and HIV. Earvin "Magic" Johnson was once a player who was the center of a sports franchise. But more than anything, he is remembered for being the courageous person that he is because he withstood the onslaught of the disease and eventually is living to tell the tale.

When he was diagnosed to have acquired this dreadful disease, he was, at first, devastated since he knew that there was going to be no more basketball in his future. He was one of the greatest players to have ever played the game of basketball and for that to be taken away from him was quite a big blow to him.

After he had married his longtime girlfriend, Cookie, he found out that he was HIV positive. That was the time that he went public with his disease and announced to the world that he would have to retire from the game of basketball. He said that "There was never any question that I would go public." At that same year, he was able to create the Magic Johnson Foundation which seeks to raise money and support to funds AIDS research, care as well as education of people, especially children about the disease.

Ever since being diagnosed as an HIV positive victim, Johnson has been able to show the world that having this particular type of disease is not the reason to stop living. In fact, because of this disease that he was diagnosed with, he was able to help out with so many things in the NBA. He was voted as a starter in that same year’s All-Star game and he also served the country by representing the United States in the Olympics at that time.

The disease motivated him and spurred him to continue talking about it. He was able to appear on different television programs such as Late Night with David Letterman, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Sixty Minutes, GQ, TV Guide, Entertainment Tonight, Black Enterprise, Entrepreneur and Ebony. Johnson said that "When your back is to the wall, I think you just have to come out swinging. And I’m swinging…I’m going to go on, going to be there, going to have fun."

Johnson’s story is one of the few stories that manage to inspire rather than do the opposite. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Johnson managed to be able to stay on top of the situation and also face it with all of the courage that it needed. His is a rare peek into a triumphant life as an AIDS victim. One should remember that it is not the disease that incapacitates someone but the lack of willpower of that person. Magic Johnson was a force to be reckoned with. Even though he was susceptible to so many sicknesses, he still accepted his situation,  moved forward and then overcame his disease by not yielding to its paralyzing effects. His story is truly one of success, courage and triumph.

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