Huckabee refuses to retract old-fashioned AIDS views

Republican presidential nominee Mike Huckabee refused to retract a statement he made in 1992, in which he recommended isolation for people with AIDS. During his failed run for a U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas, Huckabee said steps should be taken to "isolate the carriers of this plague".

In a recent interview, he said he probably would not make the same statement today, especially because of what it known about how the HIV virus is transmitted. However, he insisted that he still believe that what he said fifteen years ago was more out of political correctness.

"Would I say things a little differently in 2007? Probably so," Huckabee told Fox News. "But I’m not going to recant or retract from the statement that I did make because, again, the point was not saying we ought to lock people up who have HIV/ AIDS."

He, however, did not explain how individuals with HIV would have been quarantined.

Huckabee was also under fire for his criticism back in 1992 about what he called "too much money" being allocated to AIDS research compared to other diseases. He claims now that he favors spending billions on AIDS research.

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