HIV Treatment Information

Studies on semen quality among HIV-infected men have yielded inconsistent results due to the biases inherent in some studies. To provide a conclusive proof in this case, a group of researchers from Toulousse, France, investigated the semen parameters among HIV-1-infected patients and compare their sperm characteristics with those of a controlled group of fertile, non-infected men.

Factors implicated in semen alterations in HIV-1 patients were also analyzed, 91% of them are undergoing antiretroviral therapy. Infertility risk factors were recorded and clinical examinations were performed for both groups. History records of HIV infection, antiretroviral treatment, and HIV-1 RNA detection in the blood as well as HIV-1 genome detection in the semen were obtained from the infected patients.

It has been found that semen volumes, percentages of high-quality sperm, total sperm count, and polymorphonuclear cell counts were decreased, while pH values and sperm multiple anomaly indexes were increased among HIV-infected patients.

Even after adjusting several possible sources of bias, the decreases in semen volume, progressive sperm motility and increase in pH remained significant. According to the researchers, who conducted the study early 2007, the experiment demonstrated sperm motility and ejaculate volume alterations among HIV-infected patients, although further studies are required to analyze the impact of antiretroviral treatment on changes in sperm parameters.

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