HIV Drugs Could Control Disease from Spreading

For years, controlling HIV was all about prevention, especially the use of condoms.  However, with the advancement in HIV research, experts have suggested that the fight should also concentrate on HIV treatment. 

Many people around the world have yet to realize that HIV medication can reduce the number of infections to the same degree as prevention.  Modern HIV treatment has become so advanced that people living with the dreaded virus can actually live a normal lifespan.  It has also given another desirable outcome-the people who regularly take HIV medication are less infectious.

Although the currently available treatments cannot cure a person from HIV infection, a regular dosage of three different drugs can actually reduce the levels of HIV in the blood to undetectable levels, thus keeping the immune system strong and continue to fight infections.  Not only that, HIV treatment can also reduce the amount of virus in genital fluids, posing a very little risk-or even zero risk, as some doctors believe-of  infection to their sex partners.

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