Herpes Drug May Slow HIV Progression

New research has revealed that a drug prescribed for patients with herpes can also slow down the progression of HIV-1, preventing the virus from becoming full-blown AIDS.  The effect of the drug, called acyclovir, was studied on almost 3,400 people in Africa who were infected with HIV-1 and herpes simplex virus type 2.

According to the study, conducted in the University of Washington and lead by Dr. Jairam Lingappa, the risk of HIV progression was reduced by as much as 16 percent in those who took 400 milligrams of acyclovir twice a day.  However, the drug does not prevent the virus from being transmitted to heterosexual partners.

The researchers concluded that although acyclovir has slowed down the progress of HIV inside the human body, other antiretroviral drugs would have a greater impact.

The study was released in the latest issue of The Lancet.

Source:  Business Week

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