Adult Film Actor Tested Positive for HIV

An HIV/ AIDS organization is petitioning to all adult entertainment companies in Southern California to suspend production after an adult film actor was tested positive for HIV last week.

Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, appeals that all filming should stop. “We’re quite concerned because while a number of companies have expressed they are going to shut down production, there are many more that has indicated they will not shut down production.”

Representatives of the adult film industry remain cautious. “It is impossible to know if the patient acquired the HIV from private conduct or on-camera activity,” according to a press release from the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation. Although the industry has placed a moratorium on preventing actors who had appeared with the patient from performing, it is still a mystery who the infected actor was due to patient confidentiality rules.

Despite of this, several big-time adult film companies such as Wicked Pictures and Vivid Entertainment have stopped production after news of the test result were published.

It was not the first time such an event shook the American porn industry. In 2004, four actors were test positive for HIV, which also caused adult film studios in California to shut down. It has also raised appeals from several groups for studios to have their actors perform with condoms.

Source: CNN

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