According to CDC Few Teens Take HIV Tests

Officials of United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that almost half of the HIV-positive American adolescents and young adults are not aware they are infected, while less than a quarter of sexually active high school students get tested for the virus.

In an analysis using data from a 2007 survey of students between the ages 14 to 18, only 22 percent of sexually active high school students are tested for HIV.  Meanwhile, an estimated 48 percent of teens and young adults who are infected with HIV are unaware of their infection, which CDC says represents missed opportunities for diagnosis, treatment, and reduction in the number of new HIV transmissions.

The same report stated that people aged 12 to 24 represented 4.4 percent of the estimated 1.1 million Americans who are infected with HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.  However, they also represent 10 percent of the estimated 232,700 people who are living with the virus without knowing it.

The CDC also reported that older high school students are most likely to have been tested for the virus, while girls are more likely to have gotten the test compared to boys.  The center urged more schools to include information about HIV testing in their curriculum, with doctors offering HIV screening as part of their routine checkups for U.S. high school students.

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