Dealing With Crabs

Crabs is one of those sexually transmitted things that the world regularly sees right now. Those little critters that latch onto you and make a host out of you are called crab lice. These are insects which feed on you and makes a living by infecting you. Crab lice are also known as Phthirus pubis and they are just about half the size of head lice which is just about one-twelfth of an inch long. They have hooked mitts that can be compared to crab claws and it is because of these that they are called crabs.

One thing to remember is that crab lice are transmitted through sexual intercourse. If one’s hair is infested, they will make that their home and even in the possibility of detachment from the body, pubic lice can even hatch on towels, beds or even toilet fixtures. They really are quite a bunch of pesky insects so appropriate action must be needed in order to put them under control.

For others they try to use solutions that are directed toward eliminating the parasites while there are other who use other treatments such as sauna and soap pastes. Others have also used thyme pastes. Another way to deal with pubic lice is by using enzyme cleaners with or without peppermint plus half a cup of borax.

There are also detergents, ammonia, disinfectants in bedside furniture that you can use to take out the pesky little creatures at least in the non-bodily sites. You could also add the act of vacuuming as well as mopping when it comes to lice control. However, these ways mentioned are just the toxic ways to deal with crab lice. The non-toxic ways are the methods that only your doctor should ask you to do.

One of the things that you can do is go into a sauna or maybe shaving the affected area and washing the affected area of the skin vigorously each day with plain old hot soapy water. If you are able to do this on a regular basis, there will be occurrences that the lice will simply go away.

There are coconut or olive oil-based soaps such as peppermint soaps which have natural insecticidal properties which you can try using. Another way for dealing with pubic lice is by using specific shampoos and soaps which will effectively get rid of the lice problem that you have.

For the more serious cases, you may use pyrethrin pediculicides or the pyrethroid NIX which will give you enough medicinal dosage to kill the lice on the affected area. Pyrethrins are available over the counter but NIX with permethrin is available only through a prescription of a doctor. The use of registered poisons must only be used as a last resort.

Finally, one of the more surefire ways of dealing with pubic lice is informing your partner and alerting him or her to the problem. If you or your partner is infected, chances are you are infected to. So, book an appointment with your physician and ask about what they think you can do to solve your lice problem.

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