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HIV May Hide in Brain

A group of Swedish researchers have found that the human brain could be a hiding place for HIV. This finding is revealed after analyzing about 70 HIV-infected patients who had been taking antiretroviral drugs, which shows that about 10 percent of the patients had traces of HIV in their spinal fluid but not in their […]

Research Shows HIV in Semen Can Differ from HIV in Blood

A group of American scientists have found evidence that HIV-1 found in semen is different from the same virus found in blood, which they think is likely because of the changes the virus undergoes in the male genital tract. Professor Ronald Swanstrom of North Carolina University, who led the research team, said that they have […]

STD Among Teens on the Rise in Philippine City

Health officials in Lucena City in the main island of the Philippines have expressed alarm over the rising number of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed among teenagers. Dr. Vincent Martinez, the city’s assistant health officer, reported in a local radio station that 31 cases have been reported as of July 2010, most of whom are as […]