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Bristol-Myers Squibb Asked to Lower HIV Drug Prices

Treating HIV is a long, never-ending, and expensive journey, mainly of because the medications needed to temporarily hold the spread of the virus. This is why government officials and HIV/AIDS advocates has asked Bristol-Myers Squibb to have the prices of its HIV-related medication. Weeks ago, Controller John Chiang sent a letter asking BMS to join […]

Older Swingers More Prone to Common VDs

Most older Americans have a lot of problems to deal with especially when it comes to their health, but acquiring sexually transmitted disease is far from it. However, some of the over-45 crowd are prone to getting venereal diseases. In a study published in the British Medical Journal, older swingers (who practice mate swapping and […]

Newly-Discovered Antibodies Could Pave the Way for HIV Vaccine

After several years of research, a group of scientists have finally found antibodies that could be the bases for an HIV vaccine. These researchers, representing the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, claim they have discovered three human antibodies that can neutralize more than 90 percent of the current HIV-1 strains. Although there were […]